IJNDC - Student Computer and Internet Use Policy

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CANCELS SHEET DATED: 5/5/04; 12/4/96







I, _______________________________________, understand, accept, and agree to abide by the following statements:


These rules are intended to provide general guidelines and examples of prohibited computer and Internet uses, but do not attempt to state all required or prohibited activities by users. Failure to comply with the MSAD #74 Student Computer and Internet Use Policy and these rules may result in loss of computer and Internet privileges, and/or legal and disciplinary action.


A.) Computer Use is a Privilege, Not a Right


Student use of the school district’s computers, networks, and Internet services is a privilege, not a right. Unacceptable use/activity may result in suspension or cancellation of privileges as well as additional disciplinary action and/or legal action.


The building principal shall have the authority to decide whether a student’s privileges will be denied or revoked.


B.) Acceptable Use


Student access to the school district’s computers, networks, and Internet services are provided for educational purposes and research consistent with the school district’s educational mission, curriculum, and instructional goals.


The same rules and expectations govern student use of computers as apply to other student conduct and communication.


Students are further expected to comply with these rules and all specific instructions from the teacher or other supervising staff member/volunteer when accessing the school district’s computers, networks, and Internet services.


C.) Prohibited Use


The user is responsible for his/her computer files, passwords, and accounts. Examples of unacceptable uses that are expressly prohibited included, but are not limited to, the following:


1.) Accessing Inappropriate Materials -- Accessing, submitting, posting, publishing, forwarding, downloading, scanning or displaying materials that are defamatory, abusive, obscene, vulgar, sexually explicit, sexually suggestive, threatening, discriminatory, harassing, and/or illegal;

2.) Illegal Activities -- Using the school district’s computers, networks, and internet services for any illegal activity or that violates other Board policies, procedures, and/or school rules;

3.) Violating Copyrights -- Copying or downloading copyrighted material without the owner’s permission;

4.) Plagiarism -- Representing as one’s own work any material obtained on the Internet (such as term papers, articles, etc). When Internet sources are used in student work, the author, publisher, and web site must be identified.

5.) Copying Software -- Copying or downloading software without the express authorization of the system administrator;

6.) Non-School Related Uses -- Using the school district’s computers, networks, and Internet services for non-school-related purposes such as private financial gain, commercial, advertising or solicitation purposes;

7.) Misuse of Passwords/Unauthorized Access -- Sharing passwords, using other users’ passwords without permission, and/or accessing other user accounts;

8.) Malicious Use/Vandalism -- Any malicious use, disruption or harm to the school district’s computers, networks, and Internet services, including but not limited to hacking activities, physically damaging/vandalizing school equipment, and creation/uploading of computer viruses;

9.) Unauthorized Access to Chat Rooms/News Groups/Web Mail/Instant Messenger -- Accessing chat rooms, news groups, web mail, and/or instant messengers without specific authorization from the supervising teacher.


D.) No Expectation of Privacy


The school district retains control, custody, and supervision of all computers, networks, and Internet services owned or leased by the school district. The school district reserves the right to monitor all computer and Internet activity by students. Students have no expectation of privacy in their use of school computers, including e-mail and stored files.


E.) Compensation for Losses, Costs, and/or Damages


The student and/or the student’s parent/guardian shall be responsible for compensating the school district for any losses, costs or damages incurred by the school district related to the violations of MSAD #74’s Computer and Internet Use Policy and/or these rules, including investigation of violations.


F.) School Unit Assumes No Responsibility for Unauthorized Charges, Costs or Illegal Use


The school district assumes no responsibility for any unauthorized charges made by students, including but not limited to credit cards charges, long distance telephone charges, equipment and line costs, or for any illegal use of its computers such as copyright violations.


I, ______________________________________, the parent/guardian of the above, understand and agree to the provisions set forth above. I understand and accept all financial and legal liabilities that may result from my child’s use of the MSAD #74 computers, networks, and Internet service.


Signed (Parent/Guardian): _____________________________________________



Signed (Student): _____________________________________________



Dated: ____________________________